252 Wantage Avenue, Branchville, NJ

The Sanctuary of Mary, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit is a 

Non-Profit Corporation of the State of New Jersey. 

The original Board of Directors recently donated The Sanctuary and annex property to The Society of the Divine Vocations

The Vocationist Fathers accepted the donation with the desire of reopening The Sanctuary located at 252 Wantage Ave, Branchville, New Jersey, to the devotion of the faithful to carry on and fulfill the dream of the late Father Sylvester Livolsi.

This Sanctuary, located on a hill in Frankford Township, is a beautiful oasis of peace and serenity, an ideal place for prayer and meditation. 




 MASS  … every evening at 6pm


ROSARY ...every night during month of

                    October at 5:30 pm

ADORATION …   every Thursday at 5 pm    

Confessions before Mass     

The Sanctuary of Mary

The Vocationist Fathers


Father Justin Maria Russolillo founded the first community of 

The Society of Divine Vocations, which became known as the Vocationist Fathers, in 1920.  

The Society of Divine Vocations received its first diocesan approval on May 26, 1927. It became a Congregation of Pontifical Right on May 24, 1947.

Father Justin established the Vocationist Fathers and their special charism to foster and promote vocations to the priesthood, religious life and holiness among all God's people.

Our amazing team of priests, brothers and volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. 

Please visit the 



Father Sylvester Livolsi, founder of The Sanctuary of Mary


Thursday, June 6, 1974, in the Paterson News:

Father Livolsi's words...

"I see myself only as a keeper of the land, and I will continue to leave everything to God who found this place for me and will direct what I am to do here."

"And I know that God will send the people here; just as He is sending them to help build this building, they will come to find peace when it is completed."


 Learn MORE about Father Livolsi's dream for The Sanctuary of Mary, Our Lady of the Holy Spirit by visiting the ABOUT US page.

Our Mission


The Vocationists, in addition to making The Sanctuary a Center of Marian Devotion, wish to make it a  Retreat Center for Priests, Sisters, Brothers, Parish Groups, Confirmation and First Communion Groups, and Christian Movements. 

After repairing and upgrading the existing buildings, we hope to build a Retreat House for those who want overnight, weekend or week long visits.

We plan to bring our religious community to the property. We will be available for Holy Masses, Confessions, Counseling, Bible Courses, Christian Formation, Retreats etc.

We humbly ask for your prayerful cooperation and your moral support. 

We ask those of you who have visited The Sanctuary over the years to please share your experiences.

We would appreciate it so much if you can provide us with written memories of your photos of gatherings etc. 

Anything you can send to us would enable us to write a more comprehensive history of The Sanctuary. 

We also need financial help, 

co-operators, voluntary assistance and most of all, devoted participation. 

We sincerely urge past friends and benefactors, as well as new ones, to give us a hand to make Fr. Livolsi’s dream a reality and bring it to fulfillment.

For donations and information please write: 

Vocationist Fathers 

 The Sanctuary of Mary 

252 Wantage Ave, 

Branchville, New Jersey 07826

Email: info@sanctuaryofmary.org


Fr. Louis M. Caputo, S.D.V.  973-722-7142

Current Events

Work continues at The Sanctuary of Mary to restore this beautiful land for prayer and pilgrimages.   

 The Vocationist Fathers are now building a Retreat Center Annex.  


to see our building plans.


Sanctuary of Mary

Event Details


Sanctuary of Mary

June 9, 2019 Pentecost Sunday

Convivence - Day Retreat

All day

Sanctuary of Mary, Our Lady of The Holy Spirit

Event Details

June 9, 2019 Pentecost Sunday

Convivence - Day Retreat

On Pentecost Sunday~ June 9, 2019... members of the Neocatechumenal Way from five different communities across New Jesey and New York held their individual community (group) "convivence" or day retreat here at the Sanctuary.  It was a beautiful day sharing and growing in faith and relationship with the Lord. The day included a tour of the grounds and a picnic lunch under the pavillion.

All day

Sanctuary of Mary, Our Lady of The Holy Spirit

Saturday, September 7, 2019


12 noon Mass

Sanctuary of Mary, Our Lady of The Holy Spirit

Event Details

Saturday, September 7, 2019


           Reopening of the Sanctuary of Mary

                               HOLY MASS

 and ground breaking for the Retreat Center

                                 Presided by

                      Most Rev. Arthur Serritelli

                             Bishop of Paterson

                      Saturday, September 7, 2019

                                    at 12: noon

                              Reception will follow

12 noon Mass

Sanctuary of Mary, Our Lady of The Holy Spirit